Care and Cleaning of Natures Composites Fencing and Decking

Natures Composites remains committed to delivering a low maintenance product to its customers. However, the location of your product means that dirt, scratches, oil spills, and mold can build up over time. Below are several recommended solutions, for other issues that may come up please call Natures Composites directly at 1-877-810-4029.

Dirt (including rust and grime) – Clean product using hot water, a soft brush, and a mild detergent. Deck Brightener can be used if hot water is not enough.

Scratches – A scratch or scuff will fade over time (about 10-15 weeks).

Oil Stain – Rinse with hot water as quickly as possible.

Mold – Spring and fall cleaning of your product prevents the buildup of mold spore growth. Hot water, a soft brush and a mild detergent will work for this semi-annual cleaning.