Natures Composites Color Behaviors

Natures Composites components are produced using recycled wheat straw cellulose and recycled HDPE (milk jugs). Both the wheat straw and the recycled HDPE can have subtle differences in chemistry that may absorb pigments differently. Even using summer wheat versus winter wheat can cause a slight difference in pigment absorption. This subtle color variation does not affect the overall integrity of the products and Natures Composites recommends that the customer either puts like colors together or to intersperse the variations to give your deck or fence more depth of field. This color variation is most common in the lighter colors but can happen throughout Natures Composites color offering.

Color retention is crucial to any product. It is one of the reasons wood decks and fences are so maintenance heavy. Natures Composites looked at this as an opportunity to stand out in the market. Natures Composites worked closely with its color supplier to achieve an offering of color choices that will remain vibrant and do not require any additional attention once the product is produced. Every color offered by Natures Composites has been engineered with the final color in mind. Instead of purchasing a color you like and watching fade away into one you do not, Natures Composites has designed each color package to fade into the color you like.

Natures Composites offers a wide variety of color options to fit your unique style and requirements.



Timber Brown fades from a dark brown to Crayola brown. It is the closest to wood without being wood color.

Rosewood comes as a dark brown with hints of purple and fades to a deep walnut brown. It will issue a bold statement on any property it resides on.

Raven comes as black, leaves as black. Not for the faint of heart, this color has minimal fade. This is sure to make the neighbors jealous.

Charcoal Grey carries the most fade; it comes new as a medium grey with almost a hint of sea green however, it fades to an aspen grey that is sure to compliment any exterior.