Is your product made in the United States of America?

Natures Composites is produced solely in the USA. It partners with local farmers for its wheat straw and maintains a crucial part in the economics in the region.

What percentage of your product is recycled?

Natures Composites uses 100% post consumer recycled plastic (milk jugs), and locally grown wheat straw. The wheat straw is a by-product of the wheat grain and is commonly thrown away or left in the field to decompose.

Do I need to stain or paint your product?

Natures Composites delivers its own line of vibrant colors that do not need to be stained or painted. For more information please see the Colors page.

What are the spans between fence posts?

Natures Composites offers several fence styles that range from 8’ on center through 6’ on center. Compare fence styles in “FENCE” for more information.

Do I need to clean my product?

Natures Composites recommends annual or semi-annual care and cleaning of its products. This is further outlined  on the Care & Cleaning page.

Is Natures Composites product structural?

Natures Composites product is not structural beyond the weight and wind loading that comes with a fence. Using a Natures Composites post for anything other than a fence or handrail is not recommended by Natures Composites.

What are your color options?

Natures Composites offers four different colors that are detailed on the Colors page.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Natures Composites offers several warranties depending on your desired product. They are detailed on the Warranty page.

Is the product warranty transferable?

It is transferable one time within 5 years of purchase. They are detailed on the Warranty page.

Can we get your fence products in different heights?

Natures Composites offers a standard 4’ and 6’ high fence. Other sizes must be discussed with a sales representative at 1-877-810-4029.

Can we submerge your products in water?

Tests show less than 1% absorption in a 24hr full submersion period. Any Natures Composites product can withstand submersion with little to no ill effects.

Do you add any kind of toxic products to your materials?

Natures Composites remains committed to its role in keeping our environments safe. We do not put any toxic products in our materials.

Expansion and Contraction

All composite materials will expand and contract with the changing temperatures.  It will expand during the hotter season and contract during the colder times.  This expansion and contraction is a natural characteristic.  Just think of it like a laminate floor.  It does the same thing.  This is why they leave the gap between the flooring and the wall.    Gate hardware is easily adjustable to accommodate to the climate changes and may require minor adjustments over time.   Please install per installation instructions.