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CMU fencing goes by many names.  Some of them include masonry, block, and concrete; however, they can get very pricey.  To stretch your hard earned dollar more efficiently, use Natures Composites.   Not only do we have vertical and horizontal in modern styles, we also have your traditional fences such as ranch rail, traditional privacy fences, picket fences, and much more.  Our modern styles are Santa Fe, the horizontal fence and the Mesa, the vertical fence.  What is great about our fences is you can mix and match our colors.  Your fences do not have to be one color.

1. Natures Composites is More Affordable

Natures Composites is an affordable ‘green’ fence.   The linear foot price of our fences are lower than the cost of the completed masonry fence or wall.   When you consider the price per brick is at least $2.00 each, the cost of the wall begins to get really expensive.  Also, you have to figure in the cost of the foundation, the drainage system, and the labor, which is very labor intensive, it can break a budget very easily.    With Natures Composites, the fences are very easily installed.  Many contractors have told us our Santa Fe and Mesa fences take less than half the time of some of our competitors.  Which labor cost would you rather pay?

On top of that, repairs can be very expensive on a masonry wall.  If you have to cut into the wall for any reason, it can get very expensive and cost thousands of dollars to fix.  With Natures Composites’ fencing, the cost to repair will be minimal in comparison.

2. Natures Composites is Easier to Install

With our Mesa and Santa Fe fencing, once you have the post set, it is very simple.  You put on the bottom brackets, slide the bottom rail in and start sliding the fence boards in.  The final step is to put the top rail and top cap on.  Fence contractors love installing them!   Masonry fencing will take at least three times as long to install.

3. Natures Composites is More Eye Catching and Stylish than CMD

Which fence would you rather have?  It is clear to me.  With our ‘Style and Durability,’ it can help turn any area into a gorgeous, eye catching, and stylish space.    With our traditional, ranch rail, and modern fences, it will help you get the ‘curb appeal’ you need to impress your neighbors or to bring potential customers to your business.  Our tongue and grove system with our Mesa and Santa Fe fences, will allow you to get the modern look you are aiming for.  If you are looking for a more traditional look our shadow box, basket weave, traditional privacy, and our ranch rail fences will help you to achieve it.   We help you get “Style and Durability Natures’ Way!”

4. Natures Composites Takes Up Less Area


In comparison, Natures Composites’ fencing will take up less area than a CMD wall.  With our fences, some of them will take about 2”.  Wow!  What a difference.  Our traditional fences can take up to 5”, but make up for it in looks and style as well as durability.

5. Natures Composites Repels Paint

Natures Composites’ fences will NOT take paint.  Because of our proprietary formula, the paint will not stick to it.  If you live or have a business in an area that is in an area where graffiti happens, you have no worries.  With our fences, they will be out of luck.  Best of all, you do not have to pay for someone to remove the graffiti or paint over it.

6. Natures Composites is Better for the Environment


With Natures Composites’ green fences, we are helping our environment.  We first help the local wheat farmers by buying their wheat straw.  It is usually used as cattle bedding or along the sides of the roads.   It is an annually renewed waste byproduct.  How many milk jugs do you throw away every year?  We help prevent 320,000 milk jugs from going into our landfills with every two and half truckloads of product we send out.  We are also a USDA Bio Preferred product line, and you can receive LEED points for having our fences.