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About Us

Natures Composites manufacturing plant and main office are located in Torrington, WY (about 3 hours north of Denver, CO).The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces sustainable, high performing composite products including fencing, decking, landscaping, lumber, and other composite building materials made from recycled HDPE (milk jugs) reinforced with wheat straw cellulose. Natures Composites main product lines are TerraFence™, which is a full line of composite fencing products that includes privacy, ranch rail and ornamental styles. TerraDeck™ is a full line of composite decking material and products that offers the composite decking market a competitive alternative to the many wood composite and vinyl products available. Our goal is to continue to chart the path to sustainability through research & development efforts, partnerships with the University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, and nonprofit organizations around the world, plus making contributions to the composites industry to advance and broaden the overall synthetic building materials category.

Sustainable Building Materials

Terra, meaning “from the Earth”, is a perfect description for Natures Composites various products and product lines. The wheat straw used to produce our sustainable lumber products is an annually renewable resource and byproduct produced by the agricultural industry. Prairie forests of wheat straw are grown annually in the American heartland whereas trees require 20 – 40 years to grow before harvesting and timber harvesting has a scientifically proven negative impact on fragile forest ecosystems.

Recycled Plastic

Natures Composites research & development efforts trace back to 1994 when we first began inventing the technologies with focuses on utilizing recycled plastics rather than virgin plastics to help detour waste from filling already over-flowing landfills. Some plastic can take up to one million years to degrade in landfills making them ideal materials to use for long lasting composite decking and composite fencing products, but undesirable to bury in the ground for land fills. Natures Composites are fully recyclable and can be reused to produce similar or different sustainable building materials in the future.


TerraFence™ and TerraDeck™ are GreenSpec® Listed by Building Green, a leading institute that promotes and certifies products for eco-friendly, green status. In addition, TerraFence™ and TerraDeck™ are also certified under the USDA’s BioPreferred Program, a program used by the Federal Government to substantiate the classification of green products since the Government is now mandated to purchase eco-friendly, green products wherever possible.


Natures Composites main office and manufacturing facility are located in Torrington, WY where the wheat straw used is locally grown. Partnerships with local farmers have generated a secondary economy, leading to an increase of jobs both for the farmers and Natures Composites. With long term goals and plans, Natures Composites continuously strives to reduce and minimize the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing its sustainable building materials.

Zero Toxicity

Natures Composites uses no toxic additives, chemicals or materials in its product or production process in contrast to vinyl fencing and decking producers, which use toxic additives that are harmful to stabilize their products for outdoor applications. Natures Composites plant and manufacturing process is an industry leader with the goal of being a “zero waste” process and compete vertical integration of production processes, which further minimizes carbon footprints.