Durability and Sustainability

There are many advantages of Natures Composites’ fence over PVC and vinyl fencing.  The first advantage is our durability and sustainability.  With our 20-year warranty, you will not have to worry about replacing your fence for many years.  Most PVC and vinyl fences will NOT have that long of warranty and do not hold up in hailstorms, and other acts of nature.  Do you live in an area where these types of storms occur often?  Natures Composites’ fence has the durability you want at a price you can afford.

Environmentally Friendly  

The second advantage is that Natures Composites’ fencing is environmentally friendly.  Many of the PVC and Vinyl fences are made with virgin materials.  In return, it is just more stuff to go into our landfills.  Natures Composites’ fences are made with recycled milk jugs (HDPE) and wheat straw, which is annually renewable and gives our local farmers another stream of revenue.  We use the milk jugs so they will not go into our landfills.  In addition, it also makes our products USDA Bio-Preferred. Unlike other fencing companies, there is NO wood in our products.  At no time did any trees have to be cut down.

Different Styles

The third advantage is the many different styles that Natures Composites’ offer including shadow box, basket weave, pickets, Santa Fe, Mesa, ranch or split rail fence, and picture frame to name a few.  We want to help you make your yard picture ready.  Many PVC and vinyl fence companies will one have one or two styles available to choose from; however, they definitely will not have the deck to go with us.  Natures Composites is the only stop to need to make your yard perfect.  With our fences, you can have a traditional or modern look to match your house style.


The last advantage is quality.  Many of the PVC and vinyl fencing is very thin and in return is very inexpensive which makes it very attractive at first sight.  However, this could mean that it is sub-par material. Have you heard of the saying, “You get what you pay for?”  In fencing, it is very true.  The question you have to ask yourself is how often do you want to replace it?  Many of them will not last even a few years and will not have a warranty to back their product.  Natures Composites’ fences are quality and have a great warranty to stand behind our  fences.

To sum it up, Natures Composites’ fences have the style and durability you want doing it Nature’s way.  The labor to install them will be about the same as PVC and vinyl but will outlast them hands down.

If you are looking to replace your fence, call us at 1-877-810-4029.  We will be happy to help you determine what fence would be right for you.  If you mention this blog, we will give you a 10% discount.  What are you waiting for?  Get your fence now, so you will be ready to install it this spring.