Why Natures Composites

Natures Composites Fence is the new standard in fencing. It emulates the look and feel of a real wood fence, but it’s stronger, longer-lasting, and will retain its beauty with minimal maintenance. Nature’s Composites is well-engineered, designed and tested. Our fencing and decking is made from 95% organic materials; there are no wood  fibers of any sort, so it won’t splinter, crack, rot, or develop knot holes .We use plastic from recycled milk jugs, also known as HDPE. We help prevent 320,000 milk jugs from going into our landfills for every two and half truckloads of product we make. It’s much better to have the plastic get a new life as part of an attractive fence or deck than to fill up landfills.  We also have eliminated the need for any wood by-product in our formula, literally, no trees were harmed in the making of our product.  Instead, we use wheat straw as our organic fiber.  In using wheat straw, we also help support our local farmers by creating a second source of income.

This process has also allowed us to become a USDA Bio-preferred product.  No trees were harmed in the making of our product! It’s better for the environment, economy and is incredibly strong and durable.