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Traditional Fence Pickets

Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Durable Fencing

Designed for Sustainable Living

Offered In:

Size: 3.5" X 3/8" X 69" or 5" X 3/8" X 69"

Style: Dog Eared or Flat Top









Charcoal Grey

Traditional Fence Pickets
Emerald Ridge Estate_Grand Junction HOA_003_edited.png
Large Steel Gate Fill With Pickets_Timber Brown_AZ_edited.jpg
Shadow Box_Raven SQ 5in_edited.jpg
Traditional Fence_5in RV SQ_Oregon Strata_003.jpg

Installation Ideas


Natures Composites products have the workability of wood without the worries.

Can be trimmed without compromising the integrity of the picket.

No painting or staining. Color goes all the way through the product.

10-Year Warranty on all Natures Composites Traditional Pickets

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Product Information

Natures Composites traditional fencing can be installed in a variety of different systems. Traditional privacy fencing, to provide complete privacy. Shadow box fencing, to provide privacy while remaining neighbor friendly (also a great option for high wind areas). Framed Gates, to add dimension and personality to your home. Pickets can be installed vertically or horizontally to give you the look you want.

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