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When you choose Natures Composites, you are not only investing in your home value, you are investing in the preservation of our planet.

Homegrown in rural Wyoming, Natures Composites has been a manufacturer of composite fencing and decking materials since 2010. We provide a one of a kind product that not only adds a beautiful aesthetic to any property but also eliminates our foot prints from this beautiful planet.



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“No trees were harmed in the making of our product”

Located roughly three hours north of Denver Colorado, in the town of Torrington Wyoming, we find ourselves surrounded by one of our key ingredients: wheat straw. In using wheat straw in our manufacturing, we provide an alternative to the alternative.  While composite fencing and decking materials are viewed as an alternative to wood, some of these composites still utilize recycled wood in their formula.  There’s just one problem with that: a tree still needed to be cut down at some point.  Here at Nature’s Composites we use our state-of-the-art manufacturing to blend Wheat Straw and recycled HDPE plastics (milk jugs) to create fencing and decking materials that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Why Wheat Straw?

The wheat straw that we use to produce our product is an annual agricultural byproduct.  In the process of harvesting wheat, the grain is harvested, leaving the wheat straw behind.  Farmers would consider straw to be a waste product.  All the use that farmers have with the straw is to bale it and use it as barn animal bedding.  We like to give this “waste” byproduct another purpose.

Why HDPE (Milk Jugs)?

In composite wood products it is common to see some form of plastic utilized in the creation process.  The plastic that we use is called High-density polyethylene or #2 HDPE.  Basically all that is a scientific way of saying we take used milk jugs, melt them down, and give them another purpose.  Just like the wheat straw!

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