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Durable Fencing made with Eco-Friendly Materials

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Premium Sustainable Fencing

Natures Composites is the new standard in fencing, giving you the traditional look of real wood, but without all the hassles of wood. Natures Composites' unique formulation provides a durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly composite product that is resistant to moisture and rot, requires low maintenance, and doesn’t require staining or sealing.

 Why Natures Composites? 

Why Natures Composites?

Wheat-based Materials

Fields of wheat straw are grown annually in American’s heartland.

Wheat straw is a waste byproduct produced from harvesting wheat grain. Most of the wheat straw has no uses and is mostly wasted.

Saving our Forests

Natures Composites does not use any wood. Most of our competitors base their products on wood, that is why they are called WPC (Wood Plastic Composite).

in the USA

Based in Torrington, Wyoming, Natures Composites is proud to manufacture all their products in America. Natures Composites is a proud supporter of the farming industry.

Where to Buy?

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Natures Composites' manufacturing plant and main office are located in Torrington, Wyoming. Natures Composites was created in 2010 and has been committed to providing sustainable, durable, composite fencing materials. Natures Composites' products are manufactured in the USA. 

Natures Composites' products are formulated using simple components, wheat straw and HDPE plastic, with the goal in mind to reduce unnecessary waste and utilize sustainable components.


Natures Composites sources wheat straw from American farmers, while also providing jobs in Wyoming.

Natures Composites' goal is to continually to produce the highest quality products possible, meaning we are always looking for new ways to improve our product and manufacturing process.

Environmentally Friendly

Natures Composites products are composed of Wheat Straw

and HDPE Plastic​


Wheat Straw, an annually renewable resource, is a byproduct of Wheat Grain Production

HDPE Plastic, an environmentally safe product, is long lasting and considered to be a low-hazard plastic

Natures Composites uses as much recycled HDPE as available

To offset waste, Natures Composites' products are upcycled when products do not meet quality standards

Color is designed to fade into the desired look,

NO painting or Staining


Natures Composites products are engineered

to have a textured finish with a non-reflective surface

that only require simple cleaning


Cleaning can be done with just soap and warm water, no need for harsh cleaners

Low Maintainence

Natures Composites' products

save you from the hassles

of painting and staining

HDPE is a strong plastic that acts a water shield to help resist moisture absorption without leaching


Products will not splinter and crack over time due to sun exposure and weather changes


10-year Warranty on all Natures Composites Traditional Fence Pickets


Natures Composites' products

are designed to resist moisture,

rot, and termites

Natures Composites products can be trimmed without compromising the integrity of the picket

Color and sealant goes all the way through the board.

Cuts and screws like wood, can use standard wood working tools

Ease of Use

Workability of Wood

Without the Worries

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Our Factory

1302 Industrial Park Ave.
Torrington, WY 82240

Tel: 1.877.810.4029

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