Why Natures Composites

Environmentally Friendly

Our products combine wheat straw, a by-product of wheat harvesting, with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a safer, longer-lasting plastic alternative. Wheat straw has limited nutritional value for animal feed, leading to substantial waste during yearly production.


Designed as complete systems, eliminating the need for supplementary components or hardware. For custom projects, our boards can be trimmed without compromising the integrity of the picket, as color and sealant goes all the way through the board.

Low Maintenance

There is no need for seasonal painting, staining or sealing, as our products are engineered to have lasting color, a textured finish and non-reflective surface that only requires simple cleaning with soap and warm water, without need for harsh cleaners.


Unlike wood, our products will not splinter, rot or crack over time due to sun exposure and weather changes. HDPE is a strong plastic that acts a water shield to help resist moisture absorption without leaching.

Try before you buy

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