A Metalworker's Testimony: Arizona's Sustainable Shift

A Metalworker's Testimony: Arizona's Sustainable Shift

In the bustling city of Phoenix, Arizona, where scorching summers prevail, Omar, a seasoned professional in metalworking, shares his experience transitioning to Nature's Composites. As a Facility Foreman at at R/S Service, which specializing in gate metalwork for over two decades, Omar's insights into the realm of sustainable outdoor living are invaluable.

R/S Service prides itself on providing custom steel and wrought iron fabrication for gates, fencing, railing, staircases, landscape trellis, and decorative iron. Collaborating with a large number of National Builders in Arizona, including Lennar Homes and Richmond American, they observed a growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions in the construction industry. Their quest for reliable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials led them to Nature's Composites.

"We used to use a product that came from Texas and it was incredibly hard to cut. There's some sort of metal in there. And you're not going to believe this - it actually broke some of my tools" says Omar. With this firsthand experience in mind, Nature's Composites emerged as a clear choice, offering a diverse range of durable, yet manageable, sustainable products.

What distinguishes Nature's Composites, according to him, is its remarkable ease of use and exceptional longevity. "Arizona’s 110 degrees, 115 degrees summers are brutal." He particularly lauds the composite's lightweight nature, which streamlines handling and installation compared to its counterparts. All of these attributes minimise or eliminate callbacks compared to traditional wood pickets. 

In terms of sustainability, Nature's Composites' innovative use of wheat straw captured his attention. Recognizing the surging demand for eco-friendly products, he believes Nature's Composites is well-aligned with this burgeoning trend. Customers, too, have exhibited a pronounced interest in sustainable options, signaling a broader shift towards environmentally conscious consumerism in Arizona.

"We’ve had great feedback," he emphasized. Whether it's custom gates or ornate enclosures, customers have readily embraced the durability and aesthetic appeal of these sustainable products.

In closing, Omar commended Nature's Composites for its exceptional service, a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, he envisions a future where sustainable living becomes the norm, with Nature's Composites at the forefront of eco-friendly fencing solutions.

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