Defying Moths: A San Diego Composite Success Story

Defying Moths: A San Diego Composite Success Story

Here at Natures Composites, we take great pride in providing homeowners with outdoor solutions with a wood-look-and-feel that avoids the hassles of wood. We’ve received feedback on project that was installed over 5 years ago from a client in sunny San Diego serves as a shining example of the transformative power of our composite pickets. 

“We are blown away - a few months ago, while our neighbors faced a moth infestation and had to cover their home with a tent, our fence remained unscathed” remarks Cristina, the homeowner, whose full size privacy pool fence and street-facing dumpster enclosure are made with NC composite pickets. "It is a marvel that it looks like wood but you don't have to give it any wood-related treatments” she notes, attesting that our composite pickets not only elevate the appearance of outdoor structures but also contribute to their resilience against pests and environmental factors.

"I can also just clean it with my hose whenever it gets dirty," she continues, highlighting the effortless maintenance that sets Natures Composites apart. With just a simple rinse, our composite pickets retain their pristine appearance, ensuring that outdoor spaces remain inviting and immaculate year-round.

“We actually used wooden pickets for a small part of our dumpster enclosure, and the durability difference between the wood and the NC wheat-based composite material is incredibly evident” she finishes. As you can see in the picture bellow while the composite pickets retained their original luster, the wooden sections succumbed to the effects of sun and water damage, underscoring the superior performance of Natures Composites.

"It's a fantastic product and we are very happy with it," concludes Cristina, a sentiment that resonates deeply with our team. With Natures Composites, achieving the classic aesthetic of wood without the hassle of regular maintenance is not just a possibility – it's a reality.

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